Nusa-V (read: Nusa Five); a collaboration of Indonesia & Japan, is set to be launched in Popcon Asia held in Jakarta Convention Center on 5-6 August 2017.


Padma Pusaka Nusantara; a company based in Jakarta, is working with Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of Shogakukan japanese publisher behind popular comics such as Doraemon, Meitantei Conan, Yokai Watch) to create a co-owned Nusa-V comics series.


“We need a good talented creator, who can create original creation, who has a background of Indonesian culture. So that's why we decided to have a collaboration with (Padma Pusaka Nusantara), and we are happy to introduce this title to Indonesian market," Mr.Bunsho Kajiya, Managing Director of Shogakukan Asia, explained.

Nusa-V tells the story of five young people from five biggest island in Indonesia; Rangga (Java), Naya (Sumatera), Rimba (Borneo), Rena (Celebes), George (Papua), in facing Sandekala army which bows to an evil entity called Kelana.


Story and illustration for Nusa-V is created by Sweta Kartika (a popular Indonesian creator who also created Grey & Jingga, Wanara) under the guidance of Yasuyuki Sagami; a senior editor from Shogakukan Japan. "I reserached the vast national culture which became the main foundation of Nusa-V story. During this stage I learned even more about how rich and valuable Indonesia's culture," Sweta said.


Nusa-V first chapter will be published in Re:On comics magazine 28th edition and the next chapters will be published regularly in the following editions. For this occasion, Re:On will held talkshow also meet and greet to showcase Ghaida Farisya (a former member of idol group JKT48) cosplaying as one of the lead character in the comics.


After it's release in Indonesia, the english version Nusa-V will be displayed in Frankfurt Book Fair on October 2017 as part of Shogakukan exhibition and is planned for international distribution in 2018.


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