When the archipelago was created, the entities called Pandita and Kelana was born to maintain balance between energies to support life within the archipelago.


Both entity are given the same power to harness energy from the archipelago for creation of living things on earth. The combination of these creations are the path of evolution as we know it.



Pandita is more wise in harnessing energy for creation, thus resulting a better process of evolution. While Kelana has tendencies to harness excessive energy thus creating imbalance in the natural order that leads to natural disasters.



The occurrence of these disasters has disrupt Pandita's creations evolution process thus resulting missing links in certain points. These difference of principles are what triggered the conflict between Pandita and Kelana.

After thousands of years, the line of evolution has reached to the creation of men. Kelana rises, then created Garaka's first army.


With the rise of Kelana and Sandekala, Pandita awoken his guardians and combines them with five chosen humans. Thus Ganendra was born; the reincarnation of guardian Spirits (Ruh) who is half man and half animal. Meanwhile, Kelana created monster by combining species that exist on earth to destroy human beings; who they claimed responsible for the destruction of nature.


In their final battle, Ganendra sacrificed their lives to defeat Kelana and Sandekala and locked them back.

To protect balance in nature, Pandita created 5 entities which is created by using more energy from the archipelago:

Meanwhile, Kelana created Garaka; the first generation of Sandekala, who is created using the element of fire.

The first battle between Pandita and Kelana occured during the Toba Mountain eruption, the key event which later caused the center of archipelago to be in the land of Dwipantara. In this battle, Pandita and his five guardians successfully locked Garaka and Kelana's power to the center of the earth.

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